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This Open-Source Browser Extension Verifies Code Authenticity on The Web

WhatsApp has long protected your messages with end-to-end encryption as they transit from sender to recipient. But now, security-conscious users need to be confident that when WhatsApp Web receives these encrypted messages, it is also protected – in contrast, what happens when people download a mobile app onto their device instead of using the internet through a desktop browser or laptop hotspot, etc. WhatsApp has been on the rise as a popular messaging platform. With more users every day, it’s important for WhatsApp Web to be secure so that your messages are safe from hackers trying in on them. But now, Code Verify is bringing even more security to WhatsApp Web.

Code Verify works in partnership with Cloudflare, an internet infrastructure and security company, to provide independent third-party verification that your code is being served correctly. 

WhatsApp has come up with a way to make its messaging service even more secure. They are now offering it as an open-source so that other companies can use this for themselves and improve on what WhatsApp does best: encryption! 


The team at Code Verify is passionate about making the web more secure, and they’ve come up with a way to enhance security by checking resources on the entire webpage. This process relies heavily upon Cloudflare as an independent third party that acts as a trusted source for verifying the integrity of all files being requested from websites across their network.

The Code Verify extension will be available on the official browser extensions stores for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. The plugin doesn’t log any data or user information – it just checks if there are hints of malware in your WhatsApp web traffic so you can take action before anything happens. You can think of Code Verify as a traffic light for your WhatsApp Web code.


Download Extensions: Chrome | Edge | Firefox 

By Shobha Kakkar

Young motivated tech-business professional looking forward to make career in AI and IoT.

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