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PyTorch Releases PyTorch 1.11, With TorchData, and functorch

Pytorch 1.11 is out! This release includes more than 3,300 commits since version 1.10 and 434 contributors- including PyTorch developers who worked tirelessly to make this happen. Alongside the new features are beta versions of TorchData and functorch.

The TorchData library provides easy-to-use, high performance data loading primitives so you can build your own flexible and efficient pipelines.

functorch is a new library that brings compositionally useful function transforms to Pytorch. It’s currently in beta and is heavily inspired by Google JAX

Distributed Data Parrallel (DDP) static graph optimizations are available in a stable release.



Check out the documentation and tutorials

By Shobha Kakkar

Young motivated tech-business professional looking forward to make career in AI and IoT.

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