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OmniVision Leads The Pixel Shrink Race By Introducing The Smallest 0.56-micron Pixel

The world’s smallest pixel is here! From a company specializing in digital imaging products, it has been announced today the development of an incredible new 0.56-µm pixel with high quantum efficiency and excellent quad phase detection capabilities which also consumes very little power for its size – making this technology perfect for any mobile device.

The new 0.56-µm pixel design is attributed to a CMOS image sensor (CIS)-dedicated 28 nm process node and 22nm logic process node at TSMC, with an innovative 2 x 4 shared pixel architecture that embeds photodiodes deeper into silicon than ever before!

With the newest pixel size smaller than red light’s wavelength, OmniVision says that pixels shrink can no longer be limited by the wavelength of light. They promise their first 0.56 µm pixel die is scheduled to come out in Q2 2022 and smartphones equipped with this technology should debut sometime mid next year.


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