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Now You Can Protect Your Google Cloud Workloads (GCP) With Microsoft Defender For Cloud

Microsoft recently added protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), following support from Azure and AWS. This is to help customers defend the security of multi-cloud deployments by making sure they can quickly navigate any vulnerabilities in their environment.

The integration of Azure Security Center and Defender service into Microsoft’s new product, which is called “Defender for Cloud”, allows it to provide more protection from threats in clouds. The system can strengthen your overall security posture as well protect against any potential vulnerabilities that might exist across various environments like multi-cloud or hybrid setups.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud will provide more than 80 recommendations to protect your organization’s data in the cloud, including protecting key areas like anonymous or publicly accessible storage. The software also enables you build custom policies that meet specific security standards of an individual’s needs within seconds.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud uses Google APIs to connect and deploy its capabilities on containers, servers in the GCP environment. The product can also adapt automatically as resources are added or removed from a company’s hosting plan.


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