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Microsoft Introduces Microsoft Defender For Azure Cosmos DB

The evolution of databases gives developers and organizations a wide range of database types that can be tailored for their varying needs. In order to protect these sensitive data sets against common threats, customized security measures are required as well because each type has its own unique features.

The use of NoSQL databases has become more prevalent in recent years, as they offer single-digit millisecond response times and can scale automatically with your application’s needs. Azure Cosmos DB is one such service that provides fast access to data without sacrificing flexibility or manageability through its automatic management features.

Microsoft recently announced that users of their cloud service, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, can now access an early preview of Defender for Azure Cosmos DB. 

Defender for Azure Cosmos DB is an ultimate solution to protect your database from various kinds of attacks, such as application layer hacking or SQL injection. It also helps you identify any potential risks before they become dangerous by monitoring all activity on the account and raising alerts when something unusual happens with it to take steps immediately to stop further damages done regarding this situation.

You can get started with a free trial


By Shobha Kakkar

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