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Google Open-Source ‘network-opt’: A C++ Library For Network Optimization

We are all part of the internet. From your computer’s electrical circuits to be networked networks that route data around globe, we live in this vast web-connected by blue links on pages everywhere you look- whether it is an article online or something more personal like Facebook status updates.

Networks have a variety of different shapes and sizes, from the most simple networks where all nodes communicate with each other to more complex arrangements that involve dedicated links or bridges between groups. The number is exponential as well; just 12 active participants can produce over 1 trillion possible topologies.

Google researchers have introduced a new open-source C++ library, ‘network-opt’, that can optimize network topologies. Using sophisticated techniques for combinatorial search, this algorithm efficiently constructs instances from series-parallel networks commonly found in electrical and telecommunications applications.




By Shobha Kakkar

Young motivated tech-business professional looking forward to make career in AI and IoT.

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