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Google Introduces Google Forms API: Bringing Programmatic Access For Managing Forms And Acting On Responses

Google Dev team introduces the Google Forms API to join the large family of APIs available to developers under the Workspace Platform. The programmatic access provides powerful integrations, empowering you with your forms and actions on them.

The API enables developers to build automation for acting on incoming responses. For instance, you could create a real-time dashboard or visualization that watches what people are doing in your form and then trigger an email campaign based on their actions.

Some use cases include education automation integrations with learning management systems (LMS), customer management and support by auto-generating surveys/forms based on customer data, and data analysis and visualization with response data.

The Google Forms API has a good set of methods to perform these operations.

Core Methods

  • forms.create – Creates a new form
  • forms.get – Get all information on a form
  • forms.batchUpdate – Perform form updates (add, edit, delete form items)
  • forms.responses.list – List all responses from a form
  • forms.responses.get – Get a single response from a form

Event types

  • Schema – Changes to form content or settings
  • Response – When form responses are submitted

Watch Methods


Some of the portals that are supporting the beta version of Google API Form are Zapier, Portant, Automagical Apps, 

Resources to use Google Forms API:


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