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Google Introduces Cloud Functions (2nd gen) Into Public Preview: Google Cloud’s Next-Generation Functions-as-a-Service Product

Google’s Cloud Functions (2nd gen) is the next generation of their popular product as Functions-as-a-Service product. It comes with an advanced feature set that gives you more powerful infrastructure, control over performance and scalability, as well as 90 event sources from which to trigger your function. The power of the second generation is in its portability. You can run your function anywhere with just one command. The new version also offers greater flexibility in terms of when it runs – all thanks to some help from Google’s cutting-edge serverless technology called Cloud Run or Eventarc.

The new capabilities of Cloud Functions include increased concurrency (up to 1,000 concurrent requests per function instance), larger instances (16 GB memory and 4 vCPUs), and longer processing time for HTTP functions (up to 60 mins).

The new Cloud Functions features an enhanced UI that lets you customize your dashboard to suit what matters most. With improved developer experience and accessibility updates, it’s easier than ever to develop functions for any device or platform without worrying about complicated installation processes! A seamless onboarding process easily makes 1st gen and 2nd gen function development in one place.



By Shobha Kakkar

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