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Twitter Engineering Team Introduces A New Swift Package For Apache Thrift

Twitter is excited to announce the release of their new open-source, lightweight Thrift library for ApacheThrift and for communicating with backend servers. The company says that this will make it easier than ever before in developing software using Apple platforms and allow more people across all skill levels.

Thrift is an open-source interface description language similar to Google’s Protobuf. Thrifts and protofab are very similar; the main difference is that while prototypists use Serializer implementations for conversion purposes, at Twitter, they mainly rely on it to store data across services and communicate between ones where necessary.

Twitter wanted to use Swift in their new telemetry system because most features of the Twitter app are developed using that language. The library they previously used for Thrift only supported Objective-C, and it wasn’t intuitive or easy on anyone who had been coding exclusively with C.

Twitter Apache Thrift is a simple yet powerful package that you can add to any project in Xcode with ease. It doesn’t have any Foundation system framework dependencies, making it an ideal option for beginners!