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TypeScript Team Releases TypeScript v4.6 With New Updates

Typescript team announces the availability of TypeScript 4.6. TypeScript is a language that builds on JavaScript and adds syntax for types. Types help describe what kinds of values you’re working with, giving your code better readability by telling the editor about any mistakes made in it before they become errors! You won’t need to worry much when using this tool because not only does TypeScript check out all possible errors but also gives many excellent features like completions so there’s no excuse not use them anymore.

In their beta version, TypeScript developers missed documenting two great features – control flow analysis for destructured discriminated unions and the addition of es2022 output target. They also made an additional noteworthy change since their beta – removing void 0 arguments in react-jsx mode. All these changes are available in the TypeScript 4.6.

The RC (Release Candidate) team finally captured the community’s suggestions for mismatched JSDoc parameter names, and these changes will be included in this update of TypeScript 4.6.

List of changes in TypeScript 4.6

To start using TypeScript, you can get it through NuGet or use npm with this command:

npm install typescript


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Gh0stCringe Malware Targets Microsoft SQL, MySQL Servers

Hackers target Microsoft SQL and MySQL database servers to deploy the Gh0stCringe remote access trojans on vulnerable devices. The recent Gh0stCringe (also known as CirenegRAT) variant of Gh0stRAT malware was most recently deployed in 2020 Chinese cyber-espionage operations but dates back to 2018. Security researchers have found that the GhostCringe threat actors are targeting database servers with weak account credentials and no oversight, which could lead to more victims.

As mentioned in the article on, you can see below, the threat actors are breaching the database servers and using the mysqld.exe, mysqld-nt.exe, and sqlserver.exe processes to write the malicious ‘mcsql.exe’ executable to disk.

Gh0stCringe was developed based on the source code of publicly released Gh0st RAT. You can see the difference between below:

Malware can be deployed with specific settings concerning their functions, as detailed below:

  • Self-copy [On/Off]: If turned on, copies itself to a certain path depending on the mode.
  • Mode of execution [Mode]: Can have values of 0, 1, and 2. See below for explanations on the modes.
  • File size change [Size]: In Mode #2, the malware copies itself to the path ‘%ProgramFiles%\Cccogae.exe’, and if there is a set value, it adds junk data of the designated size to the back of the file.
  • Analysis disruption technique [On/Off]: Obtains the PID of its parent process and the explorer.exe process. If it results in a value of 0, terminates itself.
  • Keylogger [On/Off]: If turned on, keylogging thread operates.
  • Rundll32 process termination [On/Off] If turned on, executes ‘taskkill /f /im rundll32.exe’ command to terminate the rundll32 process that is running.
  • Self-copy file property [Attr]: Sets property to read-only, hidden, and system (FILE_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY|FILE_ATTRIBUTE_HIDDEN|FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SYSTEM).


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Microsoft Introduces Microsoft Defender For Azure Cosmos DB

The evolution of databases gives developers and organizations a wide range of database types that can be tailored for their varying needs. In order to protect these sensitive data sets against common threats, customized security measures are required as well because each type has its own unique features.

The use of NoSQL databases has become more prevalent in recent years, as they offer single-digit millisecond response times and can scale automatically with your application’s needs. Azure Cosmos DB is one such service that provides fast access to data without sacrificing flexibility or manageability through its automatic management features.

Microsoft recently announced that users of their cloud service, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, can now access an early preview of Defender for Azure Cosmos DB. 

Defender for Azure Cosmos DB is an ultimate solution to protect your database from various kinds of attacks, such as application layer hacking or SQL injection. It also helps you identify any potential risks before they become dangerous by monitoring all activity on the account and raising alerts when something unusual happens with it to take steps immediately to stop further damages done regarding this situation.

You can get started with a free trial


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Top Cloud Providers For AI/IoT/VR/AR

In 2021, cloud computing is the go-to model for information technology. Companies are prioritizing as service providers over traditional vendors and accelerating digital transformation projects with this new normal of work following COVID 19 pandemic.

The top cloud computing vendors are all about choice. You have a few great options when it comes to the vendor, but they’re not just one-and-done types of machines. Here are some of the top cloud providers to check:

Infographic: Amazon Leads $180-Billion Cloud Market | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS is a major player in AI, database and machine learning today. They were also one of the first companies to offer cloud computing back when it was just beginning years ago – 2008! In this time period since then, they’ve never looked back with new services launching all over town every other day or hour, depending how fast you can read about them on here.
  • Microsoft Azure : Microsoft has been making significant advances in enterprise technology with their Azure cloud platform. The company’s software-as-a service effort and its footprint among companies who want an alternative to AWS makes them a strong candidate. As we move forward into 2022 it will be interesting how much weight these two players can carry given the current state of affairs within ecommerce, AI, IoT globally
  • Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Platform is coming off a year where it built out its strategy, sales team and differentiating services. It also had performance hiccups but now COVID-19 has given the company a boost as well as setting up plans for managing multi-cloud workloads.
  • Alibaba Cloud: Alibaba Cloud is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Founded as early as 2009, it offers services to thousands of enterprises around the world from more than 200 countries or regions through its platform which has been built up by rapid expansion over time with numerous partnerships still remaining key aspects for success going forward
  • IBM: IBM is betting big on the Red Hat acquisition, hoping that it can boost their revenue growth.
  • Dell Technologies/VMware: With its product lineup now tied together with the help and guidance from VMware, it will be easier than ever for companies to offer customers a seamless experience across both on-premise data centers as well as public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services. This leadership position has been established through investing heavily into research & development efforts that produce cutting edge technology including processors which are optimally tuned per application needs; servers featuring upspeed capabilities such bumping speeds while reducing costs
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise: The global edge-to cloud company, HPE is looking to be a hybrid and multi-cloud player. However its secret sauce may lie at the edge with Aruba.
  • Oracle: Oracle is no stranger to the world of cloud computing. The company has been providing both IaaS and PaaS for years now, but with their latest acquisition they have become even more competitive in this market by adding NetSuite as well.
  • Cisco Systems: With a focus on network, security and analytics for the modern cloud environment Cisco is able to deliver comprehensive portfolios of software solutions that simplify connecting or protecting your IT infrastructure.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce is on a mission to be the center of your customer data universe. The company wants its customers utilize all that information for personal experiences, sell them cloud services and put their Sales Cloud Customer 360 effort in central tech world places.

We tried our best to bring some of the best cloud providers, but if we missed anything, then please feel free to reach out.


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Now You Can Protect Your Google Cloud Workloads (GCP) With Microsoft Defender For Cloud

Microsoft recently added protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), following support from Azure and AWS. This is to help customers defend the security of multi-cloud deployments by making sure they can quickly navigate any vulnerabilities in their environment.

The integration of Azure Security Center and Defender service into Microsoft’s new product, which is called “Defender for Cloud”, allows it to provide more protection from threats in clouds. The system can strengthen your overall security posture as well protect against any potential vulnerabilities that might exist across various environments like multi-cloud or hybrid setups.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud will provide more than 80 recommendations to protect your organization’s data in the cloud, including protecting key areas like anonymous or publicly accessible storage. The software also enables you build custom policies that meet specific security standards of an individual’s needs within seconds.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud uses Google APIs to connect and deploy its capabilities on containers, servers in the GCP environment. The product can also adapt automatically as resources are added or removed from a company’s hosting plan.