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Amazon Open It’s Luna Cloud Gaming For All: Play Your Favorite Games Straight From The Cloud

Amazon is finally ready for you to start playing games on Luna. Its cloud computing service lets users play their favorite video game from virtually any device they own – even without its dedicated controller. A new app has been released that will allow people connected via Fire TV or other tablets/phones to enjoy gaming.

Imagine being able to play your favorite games on any device without installing them? That’s possible with Luna. Once you’ve paid the monthly fee, all that needs to be done is sign into an account and start streaming! Compatible devices include Fire TV Sticks/TVs; Mac computers & laptops etc.

Amazon is expanding its Prime Gaming Channel to give gamers access to exclusive games and rotating showcases of different titles. For the month of March alone we can look forward Devil May Cry 5, Observer, System Redux and PHOGS. In addition, there will be a Flashback game available on this new channel for amazon prime members as well.

Luna gained a couple of new features, which is great for gamers. They can now stream their gaming sessions directly to Twitch and there’s also an app on iPhones and Android phones that allows them to use the phone controller with games played through Amazon Fire TV devices.


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Top Cloud Providers For AI/IoT/VR/AR

In 2021, cloud computing is the go-to model for information technology. Companies are prioritizing as service providers over traditional vendors and accelerating digital transformation projects with this new normal of work following COVID 19 pandemic.

The top cloud computing vendors are all about choice. You have a few great options when it comes to the vendor, but they’re not just one-and-done types of machines. Here are some of the top cloud providers to check:

Infographic: Amazon Leads $180-Billion Cloud Market | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS is a major player in AI, database and machine learning today. They were also one of the first companies to offer cloud computing back when it was just beginning years ago – 2008! In this time period since then, they’ve never looked back with new services launching all over town every other day or hour, depending how fast you can read about them on here.
  • Microsoft Azure : Microsoft has been making significant advances in enterprise technology with their Azure cloud platform. The company’s software-as-a service effort and its footprint among companies who want an alternative to AWS makes them a strong candidate. As we move forward into 2022 it will be interesting how much weight these two players can carry given the current state of affairs within ecommerce, AI, IoT globally
  • Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Platform is coming off a year where it built out its strategy, sales team and differentiating services. It also had performance hiccups but now COVID-19 has given the company a boost as well as setting up plans for managing multi-cloud workloads.
  • Alibaba Cloud: Alibaba Cloud is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Founded as early as 2009, it offers services to thousands of enterprises around the world from more than 200 countries or regions through its platform which has been built up by rapid expansion over time with numerous partnerships still remaining key aspects for success going forward
  • IBM: IBM is betting big on the Red Hat acquisition, hoping that it can boost their revenue growth.
  • Dell Technologies/VMware: With its product lineup now tied together with the help and guidance from VMware, it will be easier than ever for companies to offer customers a seamless experience across both on-premise data centers as well as public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services. This leadership position has been established through investing heavily into research & development efforts that produce cutting edge technology including processors which are optimally tuned per application needs; servers featuring upspeed capabilities such bumping speeds while reducing costs
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise: The global edge-to cloud company, HPE is looking to be a hybrid and multi-cloud player. However its secret sauce may lie at the edge with Aruba.
  • Oracle: Oracle is no stranger to the world of cloud computing. The company has been providing both IaaS and PaaS for years now, but with their latest acquisition they have become even more competitive in this market by adding NetSuite as well.
  • Cisco Systems: With a focus on network, security and analytics for the modern cloud environment Cisco is able to deliver comprehensive portfolios of software solutions that simplify connecting or protecting your IT infrastructure.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce is on a mission to be the center of your customer data universe. The company wants its customers utilize all that information for personal experiences, sell them cloud services and put their Sales Cloud Customer 360 effort in central tech world places.

We tried our best to bring some of the best cloud providers, but if we missed anything, then please feel free to reach out.


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AWS’s CodeGuru Reviewer Now Has New Features To Spots Log4Shell-Like Bugs In Java And Python Code

The Amazon Web Services’ CodeGuru Reviewer Tool’s ‘detectors’ has been updated to seek out potential flaws like the recently disclosed Log4J bug.

Two new features are now available for CodeGuru Reviewer, an AWS scanner that uses machine learning to check code during reviews and suggest improvements. The tool aims to improve reviews in the context of continuous integration processes (CI/CD) developed by developers with source codes stored on GitHub or Bitbucket; after they commit their work onto these platforms, it will be easy for them to add CodeGuru Reviewer as a code reviewer.

This past year, the company added new features to help flesh out their security checks. The first is CodeGuru Reviewer Secrets Detector which detects risky hardcoded secrets in source code and configuration files for Java or Python applications like passwords (and API access keys).

With the new features for CodeGuru Review, which includes the ‘Detector Library,’ you can now detect common security flaws affecting Java and Python web applications as well as several detectors specifically aimed at Log4Shell-like log injection.

The detector library is a great resource for reviewing the many different types of vulnerabilities that can occur in your code. It contains information about each security issue, including its severity and how it may affect an application process or system functionality. With over 91 Java and 69 Python detectors to choose from, the library’s comprehensive security system has you covered.