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3DFLOW Releases 3DF Zephyr 6.5

The latest update for 3DF Zephyr is out, and it’s an integration with Unity! Now you can use ArtEngine inside 3DF Zephyr.

3df zephyr 6.5 allows users to work more efficiently by integrating Unity’s material authoring tool, ‘ArtEngine’. The update also includes several other features including camera animations system which was previously unavailable in previous versions of 3d flow.

The new update to Zephyr 6.5 includes Orthophoto Editor, which lets you edit and improve regions of orthophotos that require recomputation.

With the new animation options and vertical structure presets, Zephyr 6.5 is a great update for 3DF Zephyr’s Structure From Motion system.

There are other improvements too, like the option to export scans in USD format for use in VFX or game development pipelines. Plus new tagging system.

3DF Zephyr 6.500 changelog

+ Structure from motion robustness and accuracy improvements
+ New vertical structure preset
+ Faster modular save
+ Faster edge filtering with photoconsistency
+ Improved texturing
Unity artengine integration
+ Orthophoto editor
+ Improved elevation profile interface
+ Improved drawing elements interface
+ Improved LoD mesh export
+ Spot height map tool
+ Video animator wizard
+ Improved multi-tile DEM viewer
+ Improved photo management and tags
+ Improved unit of measurements management
+ USD file format export support
+ LoD tiff orthophoto
+ Improved bounding box gizmo
+ Improved masking integration in Zephyr
+ Improved picking on textured meshes
+ Improved screenshot
+ Marker print center for picking clarity
+ Minor fixes



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Apple May Let You Live in The Metaverse Through Its Virtual Reality Contact Lenses

Imagine a world where you can wear virtual reality contact lenses and experience life as if your eyes were actually in the metaverse. A recent report from Apple leak site Macrumors claims that APPLE is developing this exciting new piece of technology that would allow users to live digitally through their eyewear.

The ‘Apple Lens,’ as it has been called is expected to work in tangent with the iPhone and Apple Glass. This new technology would integrate virtual reality into someone’s daily life likely using an internally developed at Apple called ‘realityOS’.

As per Macrumors report: Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted last year that Apple might release its virtual reality ‘contacts’ sometime in the 2030s. Kuo added that the lenses will take technology products from an era of “visible computing” to “invisible computing.”

Apple’s new contact lens project could provide a lightweight, wireless augmented reality experience without the need to wear glasses or headsets. For example, you might be able to view each store’s hours of operation while walking around in an outdoor shopping plaza with Apple Lenses.

If they work as predicted, these smart contact lenses could be a revolutionary new way to go about doing things. For example, instead of relying on an iPhone or 5G network, you would have access 24/7 without taking your phone out at all.

Apple has not officially confirmed virtual reality ‘contact lenses,’ but CEO Tim Cook called the AR and VR sectors “critically important” and “very profound technologies.”

Kuo has a strong track record for accurately predicting what Apple is working on behind the scenes. Nevertheless, he says there’s no visibility currently so it’ll be some time before we know if this product will ever come out or not.