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‘Ballerina’: An Open-Source Programming Language For The Cloud That Makes It Easier To Use, Combine, and Create Network Services

With Cloud computing becoming more and more popular, software developers are being expected to create cloud-based services. There’s a new programming language on the block called Ballerina, which makes it easier for them to integrate these technologies in both pro-code or low-code form.

Ballerina is a programming language that will change how you think about building and hosting network services. Ballerina’s new general availability release, dubbed Swan Lake, makes it easier than ever before for developers to create cloud-based applications with direct support.

The programming world is a complicated and confusing place. Software developers, data analysts, and DevOps engineers are working across many languages such as Java or Python to create cloud-based services using tools that were never designed for this purpose – it creates too much complexity, resulting in delays. But now Ballerina has come along: an enterprise-grade open-source language made just for these purposes so you can have both ease and simplicity when developing your next big application.

Ballerina, a project of WS02 is entirely open-source. All parts are developed and hosted on GitHub for everyone to use.





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