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Amazon Open It’s Luna Cloud Gaming For All: Play Your Favorite Games Straight From The Cloud

Amazon is finally ready for you to start playing games on Luna. Its cloud computing service lets users play their favorite video game from virtually any device they own – even without its dedicated controller. A new app has been released that will allow people connected via Fire TV or other tablets/phones to enjoy gaming.

Imagine being able to play your favorite games on any device without installing them? That’s possible with Luna. Once you’ve paid the monthly fee, all that needs to be done is sign into an account and start streaming! Compatible devices include Fire TV Sticks/TVs; Mac computers & laptops etc.

Amazon is expanding its Prime Gaming Channel to give gamers access to exclusive games and rotating showcases of different titles. For the month of March alone we can look forward Devil May Cry 5, Observer, System Redux and PHOGS. In addition, there will be a Flashback game available on this new channel for amazon prime members as well.

Luna gained a couple of new features, which is great for gamers. They can now stream their gaming sessions directly to Twitch and there’s also an app on iPhones and Android phones that allows them to use the phone controller with games played through Amazon Fire TV devices.



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