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After NVIDIA, Lapsus$ Leak 190GB of Alleged Samsung Data, Source Code

The data leak of Samsung’s smartphones has been making headlines lately. A South American hacking group called Lapsus$ uploaded a trove on Friday, which they claim includes information from the smartphone manufacturer according to Bleeping Computer.

The leak of this sensitive data could cause a significant problem for Samsung. The collective has obtained all recent device bootloader sources and code related highly-personal features like biometric authentication, On-Device encryption, etc. They also say it includes confidential information from Qualcomm. This database contains approximately 190GB worth (GB), actively being shared on a torrent. According to The Korean Herald, Samsung is assessing the situation.

According to an article by Bleepingcomputer, here is a list of leaked segments:

Lapsus$ is the same Data extortion entity group that was involved in NVIDIA’s data breach. According to Vx-underground, Lapsus$ says it obtained approximately 1TB of confidential information from the GPU designer, including schematics and driver source code.



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